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Vision Statement

Be the Twin-City’s best talent agency at matching client core values and requirements to candidate core values, talent, and experience.

Mission Statement

Always exercise our unique and rigorous relationship-based approach. Always go well beyond the job description and resume content to create new long-term, highly productive, client/employee pairings.


  • Test every business decision against our core values each and every day
  • Always perform at the highest levels of integrity
  • Build enduring relationships based on mutual trust
  • Help others to be successful, happy, and productive in their careers
  • Take the time to deeply understand the company/candidate pairing characteristics
  • Learn from all that we do to continuously improve our practice

Kevin Spanbauer

Kevin SpanbauerPassionate about building bridges between all constituents – clients, employees, alliance partners, investors, and more – Spanbauer means “bridge builder” in German. Track record of consistently growing revenue, expanding market share, inspiring operational excellence, and increasing stakeholder value as a change agent.

Kevin has spent the last 20 plus years initiating, building, and maximizing opportunities in the software industry – his network of strong relationships and reputation for growing the software industry in Minnesota is stellar.

Notable accomplishments include:

  • Built initial teams for start-up software companies. Starting with the founder, helped identify most critical first new team members and put the talent in place to get beyond start-up phase to high-growth status.
  • Conceived and created a new initiative dedicated to restoring Minnesota’s software community to national prominence. Dubbed the Minnesota Emerging Software Advisory (mesagroup.org), “MESA” is having a profound regenerative impact on Minnesota’s software economy by mentoring early-stage software companies to become successful. Dozens of companies currently under mentorship or graduated.
  • Built and managed teams of up to 16 talent experts while achieving “Gold Club” honors as top revenue producer among 30 total producers in the organization growing revenue from $500K to $2.5M.
  • Bachelor of Science Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, along with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from UW-Oshkosh.

Motivated Abilities:

  • Company seeking operational improvements. A driving, recurring theme of Kevin’s is that he seeks to achieve multiple results and get the most out of time and resources as he takes on critical responsibilities, establishes himself as key, and develops / facilitates growth.
  • Company seeking revenue enhancements. Kevin retains a highly flexible stance when building new relationships. He is able to establish rapport with individuals of various stripes and persuasions, and is able to successfully apply what he has learned in past relationships to help build solid new ones.
  • Significant-growth potential. Kevin puts himself in situations where there is a clear opportunity to gain in a material way by investing, time, money, and effort. He enjoys exploring for and identifying ideas, markets, trends, etc. to capitalize on and turn a profit.

Qualifications and Expertise:

  • Gains a complete understanding of both client and candidate needs.
  • Can dialogue in-depth in the technology world and the business world.
  • Dedicated to exceeding expectations to achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • Robust network transcends all levels of Information Technology and business professionals and includes connections into the Angel and Venture Capital investment communities.

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