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"I was fortunate to meet Kevin about five years ago and have come to admire him as a leader in the Twin Cities technology scene.  Kevin is well connected with startup and well established software businesses and does a fantastic job of building relationships with local software development talent.   When we had key positions to fill Kevin was there to help.   Through his efforts to fully understand our business needs and to leverage his extensive network,  Kevin has helped us to find exceptional candidates.   I would not hesitate to reach out to Kevin for help in the future.


Kyle Gunderson – President, Revel Health"

Gunderson, Kyle

"Kevin is a quality recruiter who works hard to match software professionals to workplace settings that are good fits. He is a great listener and shows good judgment in matters of respect and confidentiality.  I have worked with Kevin for many years and have known him to be “top shelf” in bringing forward engaging candidates."

Paul Hanson – Chief Operating Officer, MyAlerts


"After a change in management and product strategy, my long-time employer recently laid off me and my entire product development staff. I had not been in the job market for over two decades. At first, I perused various job boards, company websites and LinkedIn to search for opportunities. I found the process of posting for jobs through a website to be a very frustrating and ultimately disappointing experience. I contacted Kevin because he had helped place some of my past colleagues.

It was very refreshing to actually sit down with Kevin to review my professional career, to talk about my strengths, weaknesses and career interests. Kevin quickly introduced me to one of his clients. They immediately felt that I was a good fit for a Development Manager position that had been open for some time. The entire process with Kevin proceeded smoothly and quickly because he had taken the time to understand who I was and had taken the time to understand my new company’s needs. I wish I had called Kevin right away and highly recommend his approach to recruiting."

Michael Allinder – Placed Software Development Manager


"I've known Kevin for about a decade, and he is a consummate professional. I hesitate to call him a "recruiter" because in my experience his approach is head and shoulders above the connotation that term has earned in our industry. Kevin builds relationships, and sometimes those relationships lead to people he knows hiring the right person or finding the right next step in their career. "

Chris Johnson Bidler, Senior Cloud Computing Engineer

Johnson Bidler, Chris

"I had the privilege of working with Kevin in early 2016. He was an amazing resource, providing just the right amount of follow up, advice, and guidance as we navigated through my job search. I have him to thank for the wonderful opportunity of landing a position at When I Work as their Director of Customer Care. I would recommend Kevin highly to anyone looking for assistance in their job search. Let his professionalism, wisdom, and guidance elevate your job search to a whole new level! "

Karen Durenberger – Director of Customer Care

Durenberger, Karen

"I worked with Kevin and his team successfully for a number of years. Kevin helped me hire people key to the building of my early stage software company which grew into a business that was sold to VMware."

Mark Shavlik – Founder & CEO, Shavlik Technologies

Mark Shavlik – Founder & CEO, Shavlik Technologies

"Most recruiters I've worked with felt like I was a paycheck for them, that their goal was to coach me and get me placed at a company regardless of whether or not it was a good fit. Kevin was the first and only recruiter I've ever worked with who I felt was genuinely interested in making sure I would actually be a good fit for his client. 

I'm very happy with my current position, but if that ever changes, Kevin is the first person I'll contact."

Ryan Lutz – Placed Software Engineer


"I have known and worked with Kevin for a long time. He has helped me numerous times in finding resources for my team and with my personal search when I found myself in-between jobs. His integrity and professionalism are second to none. Kevin has been in the staffing industry in the Twin Cities for a long time and seems to know everyone. His background in technology gives him an edge when looking for candidates. I plan on using Kevin again soon for all my searches."

Steve Kickert – Both Client and Candidate


"Kevin showed great patience and flexibility in the midst of our highly fluid search process. His communication was positive, productive and consistent. Most importantly, Kevin sourced an outstanding candidate for our Executive Director position who is now providing the leadership we had been hoping for. In light of our success, I would highly recommend any organization seeking support in the arena of executive search give Kevin Spanbauer strong consideration."

Jeff Carver – Executive Director, The Table Project


"A friend of mine suggested speaking with Kevin.
My resume was a mess and I had lost confidence in myself.
Kevin and I met and had a discussion exploring my passions and skill sets.
He put me at ease and helped me focus.
His suggestions and knowledge of resume composition are paramount.
With his help my job search completely turned around.

Dustin Gaynor, Information Security Analyst


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