A Different Approach

Our method leads the industry.  

You won’t find a more effective recruiting process:



We go to great lengths to understand your business, your culture, your ideal candidate, and how that person can have the best positive impact. A profile will be built from this information and verified by you. This becomes both our requirements document, and our sales tool for attracting those hard to get candidates.

Set Strategy

Together, we will determine industries, companies, and organizations where we are most likely to find your next hire.


Here’s where we put our “Private Investigator” hat on. Based on detailed knowledge of the market and years of networking, we will quickly compile a list of likely candidates.


The profile will assist us in conducting in-depth, face-to-face interviews, so that by the time you see a candidate, you know your time will be well spent.


Our approach is to understand what motivates people to better themselves. We will work behind the scenes to make sure that joining your organization is the right career move.


There’s more to landing the right candidate than simply extending an offer. We discuss the “counter-offer” with the candidate throughout the entire process to avoid messy salary negotiations.


Our job is not done until we exceed your expectations.

Ready for a New Kind of Recruiting Relationship?

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